Wx Staff Story: Paul LeBreck III

Weatherization creates jobs in the communities it serves, and the role of every team member is critical, and we are very grateful for each of our team members dedication. During the month of October, Energy Awareness Month and Weatherization Month, we will be featuring stories from our team members! 

First up is Paul LeBreck III, Plumbing and Heating Superintendent at Newcap! Paul has been with Newcap for 11 years! In 2009, when the economy was bad, Paul applied for an Energy Auditor position with Newcap and joined the team. Paul’s responsibilities in the Weatherization Department include overseeing the plumbing and heating department, measure jobs and order materials for the plumbers and HVAC Technicians. He also works the crews on installations when needed. 

Working as a Plumbing and Heating Superintendent involves lots of skills and training to be received prior to employment and continuing on through employment. Paul’s skills and trainings include a Degree in HVAC/R, State HVAC Certification, EPA 608 Refrigerant Certification, Basic Energy Auditor Certification, NEAT/MHEA Certification, State Asbestos Supervisor, State Lead Safe Renovator, and OSHA Certification. Paul is also skilled in plumbing, heating, electrical work, basic carpentry, and installation of doors, windows and roofing. When asked, “What advice do you have for others who may be interested in a career in Weatherization?” Paul said, “It’s rewarding because you get to help people save money on a daily basis.” 

Our team members make a difference in the lives of our clients daily. When asked, “What impact do you feel your job makes in people’s lives?” Paul said, “We help people save money on their energy bills so they can spend that money on other things.” 

Thank you for all your do PJ!!