Success Story: 4/12/24

My client has been struggling to keep her vehicle on the road to be able to do her job transporting her clients. She had been putting so much money into her old delapitated jeep it was cutting into her family’s daily living expenses. She has 3 boys with ADHD and Autism so this has been quite the challenge. She plugged along knowing that she was out there helping the elderly she cares for and transports. After such perseverance and dedication she was able to save enough and utilize our Work N Wheels program. Athena now can help more people in her community and also provide needed space for each of her boys during travels. She also has stated she wants to connect to help potentially deliver food pantry boxes to her neighbors now that she has the room and a reliable vehicle to do it. I’m so very proud of her and acknowledge her dedication every time we meet. She stated “this event and assistance has helped me to recognize my  independence and I can pay it forward now”. Tears did come but were happy ones for her now. To experience happy tears is a blessing. New adventures await this amazing woman and her family. An amazing woman wanting to make a difference for anyone she meets