Success Story: 4/26/24

My very first time on an airplane and I was so excited to be starting a new adventure in my life in Northeastern Wisconsin 2020. Living my entire life in Florida, I decided one day that I wanted a better life for myself and my children. I had decided that Florida was too expensive, and I could not afford housing or to raise my children here. And I became homeless for the first time in Florida when my third child was born and the father of my three children decided to leave us. Now a single mom of three children, I was struggling to survive.

Here is what I want you to know, that I have always worked and had a job. I believe in working hard so that it will pay off, but the reality is not true. The likelihood of your success depends upon your life circumstances and the opportunities in your life. This is where reality is cruel and unfair.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse which happened as a child, scarring me emotionally, but making me stronger and braver to face the world. My children come first, and I will provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment even if that means being single for an extraordinarily long time.

So, I have been homeless three times in my life, and it was because of life circumstances that I did not have control over. Our social structure seeks to oppress and marginalize certain groups of people like me. I am a proud, beautiful, Black woman, and single mother of three beautiful children.

Now homeless for the third time while living in Shawano, Wisconsin, I became injured at my job, and I could no longer work at my job, which caused a concatenation of events. Losing my housing, not being able to pay my bills, and lastly living out of my car with my children and I wondered, could it get any worse? Newcap came to my aid by providing housing for me and my family in the Shawano Interim Housing while providing coaching services which helped me set up a goal plan. Most important to me is having my family together and having a place to call home.

Recently, I was in a crisis and afraid for my son who was taken to the ER and needed my permission to be treated at the hospital, unfortunately I was fifty-five minutes away. I did not have transportation to get to my son because my car was in repair in another town, and I did not have a cell phone to call the hospital because I was unable to pay my bill. Newcap came to my rescue and provided me with emergency transportation and the use of a Newcap phone so that I could communicate during this crisis. In this crisis I was able to be with my son, pick up my car, and get my phone turned back on. This was quite an amazing day! For this I am thankful to Newcap.

I am empowered by my own strengths to make my own successes and I believe in myself. I do dream big and believe in the Newcap Success Coaching! More great news to share I received a voucher from ICS for housing, and it just keeps getting better!