Interim Housing

The Center for Youth

The Center for Youth provides emergency short term housing and drop in services to youth ages 17 years old and younger. The building can house up to 6 youth at a time, while many more can utilize drop in services.

Program staff provide case management and life skills instruction, with the ogle of assisting the youth with finding stability and security with their family or other positive support systems. The youth are taught skills and encouraged to dream. Staff help the youth work on achieving their goals while continuing to build further support systems and developing healthy coping skills.


932 Cherry Street
Green Bay, WI 54303

Eligibility Guidelines

Drop in services are provided to any youth that present who are experiencing housing instability or homelessness.

Newcap’s Center for Youth is now a licensed “Shelter Care” provider.  Contact our caring team 24 hours a day/7 days a week for help.

The emergency short term housing services are available to youth that are voluntary, referred by the juvenile court system, or are placed there on CHIPS/JIPS order.

Contact   800-242-7334


The Center for Advocating, Believing, & Achieving

The Center for Advocating, Believing, and Achieving (CABA) is a short term housing facility for households with children. Households that stay at CABA are partnered with a Family Success Coach who assists with housing search and placement, along with dream mapping. Households are encouraged to dream, setting both short term and long term goals for their families. CABA provides both life skills instruction and access to mental and physical health services. The families do not have a set amount of time that they are allowed to stay with CABA.


CABA currently has two locations. The first in Green Bay serving 4 households at a time and the other in Shawano serving 6 households at a time.


315 S. Jefferson Street
Green Bay, WI 54303

504 Lakeland Road
Shawano, WI 54166

Eligibility Guidelines

Families must have minor children in their households. Families must be unable to receive short term housing services elsewhere and must be currently experiencing literal homelessness.