Loretta’s Weatherization Story

Americans in communities across the country face significant energy burdens – anyone can find themselves in need of Weatherization services. 

Loretta is an 80-year-old widow living a fixed-income in the home she owns in Northeast Wisconsin. Loretta received Weatherization services because she was experiencing high energy use and expensive monthly utility bills. 

The Weatherization measures installed in the home were: air sealing, attic insulation, replacement of an old freezer with an Energy Star rated unit and replacement of incandescent lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs. In addition, the following Health and Safety measures were installed: smoke alarms, CO detector, and local exhaust fan replacement. The energy savings measures that Newcap provided saved Loretta $506 per year in fuel and electricity bills. 

Loretta sent a thank you letter to Newcap, indicating that her experience with the Weatherization Department staff was very professional and thoughtful and she appreciated the fact that the staff work masks and kept a safe distance while working. 

The Weatherization Assistance Program was important to this Loretta. She now has additional dollars to use toward other expenses such as good and medical bills.