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Newcap’s mission for over 50 years has been to move people from poverty to opportunities and economic security and improve communities. 

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Crisis Assistance

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Volunteer Opportunities with Newcap, Inc.

Have you ever given any thought to volunteering for a non-profit organization? There are a lot of opportunitieis to do this with Newcap!

 What is volunteering? It’s the practice of providing time and skills for the benefit of other people and causes, rather than financial benefit. 

Newcap is a Community Action Agency,

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Kathy’s Story

Kathy was unable to obtain a home on her own. After getting out of a tumultuous relationship, she wanted stability and freedom. The Homebuyer Program through Newcap assisted Kathy with obtaining her very own house while giving her the sense of freedom and independence she was looking for. The program provided her with $10,000 towards a down payment on her current house that she has made a home and still lives in today.

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