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Newcap’s mission for over 50 years has been to move people from poverty to opportunities and economic security and improve communities. 
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Crisis Assistance

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Telehealth Services Now Available at Newcap

We now have the ability to provide patients with same day provider appointments via Telehealth services! There is no need to wait! You can able  call and schedule to see a provider through our Marinette and Green Bay offices Monday through Friday through the means of our new telecart systems.

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Jesse’s Success Story

Jesse May was a client of Newcap’s through our Steps to Success program and our WIOA Adult & Dislocated Workers Service Program a few years ago. Here is her story.   Jesse was young when her Mom and Dad divorced and her Dad raised her and her brother. Jesse wasn’t;t able to graduate high school because she had a baby. [ Read more ]

Young Women Double Success Story

Our Brown County Youth Rapid Re-Housing Program helps lots of single Mother’s who are young, even high school aged. Here are two short success stories of two separate single Mother’s that we aided. 

Story 1

“A Youth Rapid Re-Housing participant, still a teenager, was a single mother who had already experienced homelessness multiple times.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Our Community Partnerships

“There are two words that have become part of our every day language over the past few months: “COVID-19” and “Coronavirus.” Not a day goes by where we don’t talk about the pandemic that is currently impacting our community and nation as a whole. I think about how 10 years from now,

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Single Mother Success Story

One of our newest programs, debuted in 2018, is the Brown County Youth Rapid Re-Housing Program. In 2018, 13 individuals from 6 households were assisted. Last year in 2019, 64 individuals from 34 households were assisted. 

Here is a success story from last year of a Single Mother who is working hard to move to towards her goals of self-sufficiency and buying a home. 

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A Veteran’s Success Story

We help many veterans every single year. In 2019, we assisted 227 veterans through various programs, including:

  • 5 through our Community Health Clinics
  • 1 through the Create Your Own Opportunities Program
  • 3 through our Financial Capabilities Program
  • 2 through our Homebuyer Program
  • 1 through our HCRI (foreclosure intervention) Program
  • 3 through the WIOA Program
  • 63 through our Weatherization Program
  • 54 through our Furnace Repair Program
  • 11 through our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • 8 through our Permanent Supportive Housing Program
  • 1 through our Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program
  • 6 through our Work-N-Wheels Program
  • 2 through our Medical Mileage Reimbursement Program
  • 85 through our Food Pantries 

Debbie Bushman,

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Sam’s Success Story through Sobriety

Life behind bars is exactly what you would imagine it to be. A cold environment with minimal sunlight and a strict regimented lifestyle. Sam realized that this wasn’t the place that he wanted to call home. He was able to clean himself up and embrace sobriety. 

Sobriety allowed Sam to remove barriers and see his pathway.

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Chrissy’s Car Success Story

Chrissy is a disabled person who has her own small business to survive. She must supplement her social security to pay her rent. She participates in our food pantry when she feels she needs it. She had purchased a car at an extremely high interest rate and could not keep up with the payments.

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Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive FAQ

The Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive is going on now! Check out these popular questions and answers for more information on this drive and how you can give back to those in need in your community. 

  1. When is the Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive happening?
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Welcome to Newcap, Tammy Moyer!

We have our very first AmeriCorps Vista position filled by Tammy Moyer! Get to know her here:

“My name is Tammy Moyer.  I was born in Marinette and graduated with honors from Menominee High School, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and the University of Bridgeport.  I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. 

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