Jennifer’s Journey

Jennifer Davis is a currently a client of Newcap’s under the Tenant Based Renal Assistance (TBRA) Program. 

“It was just over one year ago that Jennifer’s Davis’s admitted poor choices and legal programs brought her to the front door of Frederick Place in Rhinelander. Jennifer’s son had been removed from her home; she was arrested on narcotics charges and had lost her house.” “Jennifer has completed an AODA program and today continues with therapy. She is involved in the Women’s Health Outreach Program, has her own apartment funded through Newcap combined with funding through the Veterans Administration, and has her son back. “I’ve never felt so comfortable in my skin,” Jennifer said. “I can’t see myself going back to that life at all – and it started with the people here.””  Read the full article from the Star Journal here : 

Jennifer now is a Shift Manager at Frederick Place, the place that opened their doors for her. “Homelessness affects people all over the world, and the Northwoods is no exception. Frederick Place in Rhinelander offers temporary housing and basic needs to those who need it most. Frederick Place relies on community donations to provide its residents with personal essentials, clothes, and other household items. ” Read the full article from WJFW News Watch 12 here:


About the Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program: 

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program is a Housing First program providing rental assistance to individuals/families experiencing homelessness or those at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Priority is given to the disabled, those who have a disabled family member, low-income who are disabled or have a disabled family member, and those who are chronically homeless or at risk of becoming chronically homeless. Preference is then given to applicants who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. 

Eligible households must agree to actively participate in case management and be working toward housing stability based on the goals and objectives set on their Housing Stabilization Plan. All eligible households will be assisted with such services as case management, transportation assistance with referrals to mental health services, AODA, and life skills training. This program will focus on self-sufficiency and require all program beneficiaries to participate as a condition of rental assistance. Program participants will not be terminated for failure to participate but will be reevaluated at six months to ensure that they are working toward self-sufficiency in order to continue with assistance. 

If applicant is approved, attendance at an interview/briefing session is required. If eligible, during the briefing, the tenant is issued a coupon and also given a detailed explanation of the program and their responsibilities. When a tenant has located a unit and the owner accepts the coupon, an inspection is performed to ensure the unit is decent, safe, and sanitary under the Housing Quality Standards regulations. If the unit passes, the owner and Newcap enter into a Housing Assistance Contract. The tenant and landlord enter into a lease agreement. The lease must be for at least 6 months. 

Case Managers will conduct monthly visits or more if needed. Monthly appointments will focus on individual goals, landlord/tenant issues, employment concerns, financial management, or other goals identified through various assessments. Room-by-room inspections may be done as needed. Attendance at workshops focused on self-sufficiency may be mandated. Follow-up services will be provided to families exiting the program for up to 6 months. 

Are you wondered if you may be eligible and the application process? Check out this program under the crisis programs for more information!