RRH Youth Program Client Story

Recently, a youth, aged 20, in our Rapid Re-Housing Youth Program in Brown County was sleeping on the streets because he had an open warrant which made him ineligible for a homeless shelter. Family Services and Newcap collaborated to help shelter the youth. Newcap paid for a night in a hotel while Family Services found the funding to help his warrant which then made him eligible for the homeless shelter the next night. 

Since then, he has been at the homeless shelter, he has gotten a job and is continuing to work with our Rapid Re-Housing Youth Program to find housing. 

Our Rapid Re-Housing Youth Program is funded through the Wisconsin Balance of State Continuum of Care and the Department of Housing and Urban Development and can provide up to 24 months of rental assistance. The program will pay 100% of the participant’s first month’s rent. Thereafter, the participant contribution toward rent will be 30% of the household’s monthly adjusted gross income, payable directly to the landlord. 

This program is subcontracted with Family Services of Northeastern Wisconsin. Family Services will assist in the training and development of the case management and independent living skills for each participant household. Newcap will also perform the housing functions of this program, which will include locating housing, mediating issues/concerns between the landlord and tenant, and assisting the household with sustaining housing.