Wx Staff Story: Jim Zielinski

Our next Weatherization Staff Spotlight is Jim Zielinski, Master Plumber and HVAC Technician at Newcap. Jim has been with Newcap for 9 years now and is a valued and hardworking member of the team. Jim previously worked for a private plumbing and heating company where he installed and serviced all typed of plumbing and heating systems prior to joining Newcap. When asked what advice he would have for others who may be interested in a career in Weatherization, Jim said, “It is a lot of hard work but very satisfying.” 

Like the rest of our Weatherization team, Jim is very skilled and has gone through lots of training to be where he is today. This includes a Master Plumbing License, Asbestos Supervisor, Lead-Safe Renovator, OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Training Course and many others. 

As part of his job, Jim installs water heaters, connects water supplies to boiler systems, installing traps for condensate receptors and much more. 

Jim believes that “saving our clients money by installing more efficient heating and water heaters,” is a huge impact that he feels he makes in people’s live through his job.