Work-N-Wheels Program FAQ Sheet

Interested in learning more about our Work-N-Wheels Program? In a recent Twitter Q&A we discussed some common questions we receive about the program and answered them to help those better understand the program and if it could help them or someone they know. Check those questions and answers out here: 

  1. What is the Work-N-Wheels Program?
    – It is a program to help income-eligible individuals with assistance in obtaining an affordable, dependable vehicle in order to get to work-related activities. 
  2. How do I qualify?
    – Through an application process which includes a budget sheet, we determine whether applicants have enough income left to support a car payment and full coverage car insurance. 
  3. How long does the application process take?
    – After the application is received (with check stubs), you should be notified if you are accepted or denied within 10 business days. Depending on the amount of current applications, this could be less. 
  4. Where can I apply?
    – You can follow this link here: to the program page that will have a fillable application form. 
  5. How much money can I borrow?
    – $5,000 is the maximum amount that you can borrow.
  6. How much is the monthly payment?
    – The monthly payment is $150, no matter how much the amount of the loan is. 
  7. Do I need to put any money down?
    – Yes. We ask for 10% of the total loan in which roughly half goes towards tax, title, and plates. The other half is a 5% administrative fee that goes to Newcap. 
  8. How do I pay?
    – You can pay with check, money order, or cash (if you pay in person at a Newcap office). 
  9. Who looks for the vehicle?
    – The client can look for the vehicle, but our Transportation Coordinator does as well. They must approve all purchases. 
  10. How long does the loan last?
    – This non-interest bearing loan has a maximum repayment time period of 34 months. 
  11. What counties does this program cover?
    – It covers the counties of Brown, Florence, Forest, Langlade, Marinette, Menominee, Oneida, Oconto, Shawano, and Vilas. 
  12. Can I buy private?
    – Yes. However, we are very particular with private deals and like to work with friends or relation of the applicant, not CraigsList. 
  13. How far away can I look for vehicles?
    – Our Transportation Coordinator likes to stay in a 35-40 mile radius of the applicants home. 
  14. What kind of car insurance do I need?
    – You will need full coverage with 500 comprehensive and 500 collision deductibles. 
  15. How is this program funded?
    – This program is funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as authorized under 49 U.S.C. § 5311 Formula Grants of Other than Urbanized Areas (5311) (CFDA 20.509). 

For a full listing of this program and access to our eligibility calculator to see if you qualify, click here: