Sam’s Success Story through Sobriety

Life behind bars is exactly what you would imagine it to be. A cold environment with minimal sunlight and a strict regimented lifestyle. Sam realized that this wasn’t the place that he wanted to call home. He was able to clean himself up and embrace sobriety. 

Sobriety allowed Sam to remove barriers and see his pathway. The Automotive Trade was Sam’s profession of choice. He had some previous experience and felt this would be a good career path for him to pursue. 

He reached out to WIOA not only for financial support but emotional support as well. He was not local to the area and didn’t have a family to help keep him motivated and on track. Same would often discuss home, work, and school life and the difficulties of keeping them evenly balanced. 

Sam successfully completed his program and achieved a Technical Diploma as an Automotive Maintenance Technician. He is currently employed full-time with benefits. These benefits are crucial considering that Sam recently got married, fathered a child, and purchased a new home. 

Congratulations to Sam for never losing sight of your goal!

About the WIOA Adult & Dislocated Workers Service Program: 

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program assists individuals obtain employment or assistance with additional training to retain or advance the individual’s employment opportunities. Newcap has WIOA Career Service Specialists located at the Marinette County Job Center. 

The responsibilities of the WIOA Career Service Specialists include the following: 

  • Provide WIOA and Job Center services orientations to individuals. 
  • Determine eligibility for individuals referred to the WIOA program. 
  • Review customer prerequisite for training, including career planning and labor market information. 
  • Provide training information, assist with training application process including financial aide. 
  • Create a service strategy to obtain occupational goals with assistance of WIOA services. 
  • Coordinate and refer to other Job Center partners or community resources for additional services as necessary. 
  • Provide employment search assistance upon completion of training. 
  • Provide support services and follow-up services. 

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