Sexual & Reproductive Health Services at Community Health Clinics

On Friday, we hosted our first Twitter Q&A Live on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services at our Community Health Clinics. Here is a complete list of our questions and answered. You may learn more about our Community Health Clinics here:

Q: What kind of birth control can you provide clients?
A: We provide oral contraceptives, depo-proceva, Nuvaring, Nexplanon, Paragard IUD, Mirena IUD, Kyleena ID, transdermal patch, and male and female condoms. 

Q: Is all birth control free through Newcap? Or does the client pay for it?
A: The majority of individuals qualify for free contraception. If it isn’t free, the services are always very low cost in comparison to the larger clinics and hospitals. 

Q: What if I can’t afford birth control or the services?
A: We are able to sign people up for the Family Planning Only Services Program which is a Medicaid program through the State of Wisconsin. The income cap is $3,200/month and the program only takes into consideration the person applying, not the household income. If you are over that threshold, you would be able to utilize the discounts on our sliding fee scale that does go by household income. 

Q: What kind of health insurance do you take?
A: We currently take Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid (Badgercare), Family Planning Services (FPOS), Molina, and United Healthcare. 

Q: Do you take patients who don’t have health insurance?
A: YES. if you do not have health insurance and are a resident of Wisconsin, we can sign up for the Family Planning Insurance. If you do not qualify for Family Planning Insurance, you are able to get discounts off of the sliding fee scale which vary based on household income. 

Q: How much does it typically cost for people who don’t have health insurance?
A: The cost is able to be determined prior to your visit when we have accurate income information. It is possible that people will qualify for services at no charge dependent on their income.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?
A: We accept both appointments and walk-ins and do what we can to work with YOUR schedule. 

Q: How old do I have to be to come in on my own?
A: If you are sexually active or thinking of becoming sexually active, you qualify for reproductive healthcare without parental permission. Everything is CONFIDENTIAL! But if you’d like to bring a parent, friend, or partner along, they may be present during the visit. 

Q: Do I need a referral to be seen from my current OB-GYN?
A: You DO NOT need a referral from your current OB_GYN to receive services from our clinics. 

Q: What kind of STD screenings do you do?
A: The screenings we do are for HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Trichlmoniasis. WE also provide treatment for STDs. 

Q: Do you do pregnancy testing and obstetrics?
A: YES we do pregnancy testing. BUT we DO NOT do obstetrics. However, we provide education and counseling as well as pregnancy testing. 

Q: What is done at an annual exam?
A: Paperwork is filled out and updated. We take vitals (blood pressure, weight, and pulse). We get a health history and ask about surgical history, medications, and allergies. We take a routine urine sample to test for any infections, pregnancy, or STDs. You will then get a chance to meet with the Nurse Practitioner and have all of your questions and concerns answered. If interested in starting a birth control method, it can done at the same visit!

Q: What kind of other sexual and reproductive health services do the clinics provide?
A: We provide cervical cancer screenings, emergency contraception (Plan B), UTI testing and treatment, vaginal infection screening and treatment, and referrals for voluntary sterilization (vasectomy and tubal ligation). We also offer Expedited Partner Therapy for STDs – able to purchase treatment for partner without them present. 

Q: What kind of men’s sexual and reproductive services do you provide?
A: For men, we offer physical exams, STD Screenings and treatment, STD education and counseling, and referrals for voluntary sterilization. 

Q: Where are the clinics located and what are their hours?
A: Oconto (1201 Main Street) Open M-Th: 8AM-5PM (closed 12-12:30PM) and F: 8AM-NOON
Marinette (1939 Hall Avenue) Open M-Th: 8AM-5PM (Closed 12-12:30PM) and F: 8AM-NOON
Crandon (212 North Lake Avenue) Open M-Th: 8AM-4:30PM (Closed 12-12:30PM)
Green Bay (1540 Capitol Drive) Open M-Th: 7:30AM-5PM and F: 8AM-NOON
Eagle River (603 East Wall Street) Open M-Th: 8AM-5PM (Closed 12-12:30PM)