A Widow’s Weatherization Story

Often times we go to a home and one of the spouses has passed away, many of these widows/widowers, share that without Newcap Weatherization assistance they would have had to either move into assisted living or nursing homes, etc. They express how much they appreciate Newcap and the work they do for them. With the updates and the energy savings they are able to stay in their homes. 

A Widow’s Weatherization Story

An 84-year-old widow living in a family home in a rural community in upper Wisconsin applied for energy assistance in March 2019 through Forest County. She was hospitalized in Milwaukee when the Weatherization work began in May 2019. Her furnace gave out just two days before the new furnace was installed and Newcap Weatherization was able to provide her with attic and basement insulation, new energy efficient appliances, a bathroom fan, and energy efficient light bulbs. This work provided her with piece of mind that not only would her energy bills be greatly reduced but that she would have a much warmer, comfortable home for years to come. She was very appreciative and wrote the following letter to Newcap. 

” To Whom it may concern, 

I wish to express my complete satisfaction for the recent renovation of my house by the Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program. 

The work staff completed the insulation of the basement and attic when I was hospitalized in Milwaukee. My old furnace gave out just two days before the new replacement furnace arrived. I personally believe that the timing was orchestrated by God and your staff just might be wearing halos. 

Everyone from Oconto/Newcap was kind, courteous and efficient through the entire process. Here’s a special “thank you” to Lance Timper, Energy Auditor, whose professional expertise was especially appreciated. 

I am totally satisfied also with my new applicances and look forward to seeing the savings on my monthly utility and heating bill. Thanks to Van Vreede’s Applicane for their extra effort to make my kitchen exactly the way I wanted it to look. 

Here’s one good laugh! I forgot thatI hadn’t finished cleaning-out the refrigerator door when the van drop up; so . . . I hope someone can use the condiments!

Please accept my gratitude for all the help Newcap has given me, I plan and hope to stay in my house until The Lord calls me home to be with my husband. 

God Bless You All!” 


Job Pictures

Weatherization Crew Loading Up Materials:






Furnace Before:





Furnace After:





Attic Insulation Before:





Attic Insulation After:





About the Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources. The Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program is funded with a combination of state and federal funds including U.S. Department of Energy, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and state Public Benefits funding. The Weatherization Assistance Program helps homeowners and renters reduce energy consumption while increasing comfort in their homes. Weatheriation improvements may also make the home’s environment healthier and safer. 

Once eligibility has been established, the client will be contacted by one of Newcap’s certified Energy Auditors who will perform a comprehensive energy audit on the home to determine what energy efficiency measures can be done within the scope of the program. Upon completion of the energy audit a Weatherization crew will be scheduled to come to the home to perform the work prescribed the the audit under the careful supervision of a Field Coordinator. Energy efficiency measures may include insulating of attics, sidewalls, and crawlspaces or basements; sealing air leaks; repair or replacing inefficient furnaces or boilers; installing energy saving products such as Energy Star rated light bulbs, refrigerators and/or freezers. A sign-off of acceptable work is required from the owner or renter of the property, with quality control performed on a percentage of the completions. 

Learn more about eligibility guidelines and application process here: http://www.newcap.org/program_category/stability/