Kathy’s Story

Kathy was unable to obtain a home on her own. After getting out of a tumultuous relationship, she wanted stability and freedom. The Homebuyer Program through Newcap assisted Kathy with obtaining her very own house while giving her the sense of freedom and independence she was looking for. The program provided her with $10,000 towards a down payment on her current house that she has made a home and still lives in today.

“Newcap made the process very easy for me, including assisting me with the paperwork. I would not have been able to afford my home otherwise”.

Kathy utilized this program 15 years ago, almost to the day, and it is still available to help those in need today. While Kathy started out as a client, she is now an employee of Newcap as a Clinic Assistant for our Community Health Services Program. 

More about our Homebuyer Program:

 Our Homebuyer Program provides eligible low-moderate income homebuyers with a maximum of $10,000 for down payment and closing costs. The funds will be in the form of a non-interest bearing loan, which will be repair to Newcap upon the sale of the home or when it is no longer the primary residence. Applicants will be served on a first-ready, first-served basis as funds are available. First-ready, first-served clients who have to have an accepted offer to purchase and funding approval from a financial institution. 

Learn more about this program: http://www.newcap.org/program_category/success/