Weatherization Assistance Program

Program Description:

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources. The Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program is funded with a combination of state and federal funds including U.S. Department of Energy, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and state Public Benefits funding.  The Weatherization Assistance Program helps homeowners and renters reduce energy consumption while increasing comfort in their homes.  Weatherization improvements may also make the home’s environment healthier and safer.

Once eligibility has been established, the client will be contacted by one of Newcap’s certified Energy Auditors who will perform a comprehensive energy audit on the home to determine what energy efficiency measures can be done within the scope of the program. Upon completion of the energy audit a Weatherization crew will be scheduled to come to the home to perform the work prescribed by the audit under the careful supervision of a Field Coordinator.   Energy efficiency measures may include insulating of attics, sidewalls, and crawlspaces or basements; sealing air leaks; repair or replacing inefficient furnaces or boilers; installing energy saving products such Energy Star rated light bulbs, refrigerators and/or freezers. A sign-off of acceptable work is required from the owner or renter of the property, with quality control performed on a percentage of the completions.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Must have an annual income at or below 60% of the State Median Income Guidelines and have applied for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (Energy Assistance). Use our eligibility calculator to find out if you may be eligible for this program. 

Application Process:

Please first fill out our intake form here.

Client may fill out an online Request for Weatherization or call the Oconto office and ask for Julie Eichman, Energy Services Administrative Assistance or ask to speak with the Weatherization Department. 

If you wish to fill out an online Request for Weatherization, please do so here: 

Request for Weatherization Assistance Application

Request for Weatherization Assistance Application

Request for Weatherization Assistance

Requirements:1. Household must have applied for Energy Assistance.2. Please hat the person who applied for Energy Assistance also complete this Request for Weatherization.