Steps to Success Program

Program Description:

The Steps to Success Program provides individuals with the opportunity to develop new skills or update and enhance current skills while continuing to work. Individuals attend school to increase their earning potential and explore career options. Newcap will help provide individual, confidential development of a career plan, assist with job skill activities, and provide long-term emotional support as the individual works towards goals. Newcap may assist with education-related expenses (tuition, books, miscellaneous fees, etc.), reimburse for training-related transportation, and/or assist with childcare costs while attending classes.</>

Eligibility Guidelines:

Clients must be working at least 20 hours per week with income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines established for their household size. The education or training must increase the participants earning potential by at least $3 per hour. Use our eligibility calculator to find out if you may be eligible for this program. 

Application Process:

Please first fill out our intake form here.

Fill out an online application and go through a screening process. Contact the Program Contact to set up an appointment.  Fill out Steps to Success online application here: 

Steps to Success Application

Steps to Success Application

Steps to Success Program Application

Personal Information

Family Income


Career Goals

Child Care

Please fill out all questions in this section if you have children.



Closing Questions

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