Work-N-Wheels Program

Program Description:

The Work-N-Wheels Program is designed to help currently employed, income-eligible individuals with assistance in obtaining an affordable, dependable vehicle in order to get to work-related activities.  Eligible individuals may receive a no-interest loan for up to $5,000 to purchase a vehicle.  Loans are made with a maximum repayment time period of 34 months and payments of $150 per month.  A downpayment of 9%-10% is required.

This program is funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration
(FTA) as authorized under 49 U.S.C. § 5311 Formula Grants of Other
than Urbanized Areas (5311) (CFDA 20.509)

Eligibility Guidelines:

Must have an annual income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, actively employed and the vehicle must be required for work-related activities. Use our eligibility calculator to find out if you may be eligible for this program. 

Application Process:

Please note: WETAP programs (Work N Wheels and My Garage) will no longer be available in Green Bay and the immediate surrounding municipalities.

Please first fill out our intake form here.