Community Health Clinic Wellness & Sick Care Services Q&A

Our Community Health Clinic’s have a wide variety of wellness and sick care services. See below for a FAQ sheet!

  1. Do all of your clinics provide wellness and sick care services?
    – Yes! All of our clinics (Green Bay, Marinette, Oconto, Eagle River and Crandon) offer wellness and sick care services.
  2. What kind of sick care can people be seen for?
    – We can see people for anything from ear, nose, and throat, to UTIs or influenza. 
  3. Can you provide prescriptions for this type of sick care?
    – Absolutely. Our Nurse Practitioners can write prescriptions for antibiotics and treatments for any of these. 
  4. Do you do lab work and tests at the clinics?
    – Yes. We can provide rapid strep and rapid influenza with results in minutes. We also offer next day blood work lab results. 
  5. How much does laboratory work cost?
    – We can let you know costs ahead of time. However, we are able to do lab tests at very discounted rates compared to the larger clinics and hospitals. 
  6. What kind of wellness services do your clinics provide?
    – We provide physicals and annuals, as well as address common concerns for diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid and blood pressure. 
  7. Do you offer sports physicals for middle and high school students?
    – We sure do! We provide sports physicals for just $20!
  8. Do you take walk-ins or do I have to schedule an appointment?
    – We are able to take walk-ins and most often times same day appointments if you need to be seen that day. We always try out best to work with your schedule and have minimal wait times. 
  9. Can prescriptions be filled the same day or does it take a day or more to be filled?
    – Yes! We can provide same day prescriptions fills or refills to pharmacies. 
  10. What kind of health insurance do you take?
    – We currently accept Molina, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and BadgerCare. 
  11. What if I do not have health insurance? Can I still be seen? How much will it be?
    – Of course! if you do not have health insurance, we can keep the cost very minimal and let you know what that would be ahead of time. 
  12. Do you provide help for those with depression or anxiety?
    – Our providers will address concerns with anxiety and depression and recommend treatment if necessary. 
  13. Can you provide treatment for things like bacterial or fungal infections?
    – Absolutely. We can provide testing and treatment for fungal and bacterial infections. 
  14. Do you have primary care doctors or just Nurse Practitioners?
    – We are staffed with well-trained, compassionate and gentle Nurse Practitioners. 
  15. What if I need other services that Newcap provides in addition to healthcare? Can you help me with those as well?
    – Of course! We would be glad to help wrap you in the other services we provide at Newcap and those at our clinics can get you connected with either someone here at Newcap or make a referral to another agency who can help you!

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