Daniel’s Success Story

“I was homeless and living on the streets and at the St. John’s Homeless Shelter and NEW Community Shelter for three years. On December 5, 2019, I was contacted by Billi Dequaine from Newcap requesting to meet with me to determine if I was eligible for Newcap’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program. I was so excited that I may have a chance at getting off the streets. I met with Billi at the Micah Center on December 9 and December 11, Billi called to tell me that I was accepted into the program and that there was actually an apartment that was available for me. I cried when she told me the news. 

On December 12, 2019, Billi picked me up from the Micah Center and took me to my new apartment. I cried on the way to the apartment and when I walked into the apartment and then apologized to Billi for crying. It was already furnished from donations and it was going to be my place to live. Billi was very caring and professional. She helped me to calm down, complete the required paperwork, walk through the apartment and realize this is my new home. I don’t have to worry about where I will sleep or where I will get my next meal. I can sleep in my own bed and eat from my cupboards and refrigerator whenever I am hungry. 

The gratitude I felt that day and continue to feel is overwhelming. I am happy again and I feel like my world and life are turning around for the better. This program makes me feel like a real and whole person again. I have gained dignity and respect for myself. The simplest things that most people take for granted, that were once non-existent to me, are now my normal everyday events – making a meal, eating in your own home, being able to shower or sleep when I want. Having my own place has helped me level out my depression and bipolar. My episodes are minimal compared to the outbursts I had for no reason when I was on the streets and in the shelters. Things don’t bother me as much or set me off like they used to. My moods used to be uncontrollable and I would cry for days for no reason. That is gone. I feel like I am slowly moving forward with my life and that I will be able to achieve filing for disability and obtaining a part-time job to keep me doing something productive and feeling positive about myself.”

About the Permanent Supportive Housing Program

The Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Program provides long-term housing with supportive services for homeless persons with disabilities by reintegrating chronically homeless and other highly vulnerable homeless families and individuals into the community by addressing their basic needs for housing and providing ongoing support. Newcap holds the lease on the unit and sublets the unit to the program participant. The program participant pays 30% of their monthly adjusted income back to Newcap as occupancy fees. 

For information on eligibility and application process click here: http://www.newcap.org/newcap_programs/permanent-supportive-housing-program/