A Christmas Message

As today winds down, so does my second year here as President and CEO of Newcap.

It has been an incredible journey of getting to work with and know a group of caring, dedicated, committed individuals who work hard every day to improve the lives of so many people.  It has been sharing tears as we run into barriers and can’t help all of the people in need.  It has been sharing frustrated laughter as we work through day-to-day problems.  It has been reading heartfelt notes of thanks from people whose lives were very personally touched in deeply meaningful ways. It has been celebrating weddings and welcoming new little bundles of joy.   It has been feeling deep pride and gratitude to what our staff and partners do – often going way above and beyond to make a difference.  I have been told my whole life I have a pathological need to make a difference.  In our Newcap family, I found my like-minded tribe!

I love the holidays.  I love the decorating, seeing the holiday lights, finding the perfect gift and annual ornament for each family member, watching seasonal movies ~ Miracle on 34th Street with Dylan McDermott and Richard Attenborough and A Christmas Carol with Jean Luc Picard, err… Patrick Stewart are my preferred versions and nothing beats Jimmy Stewart’s “George Bailey” in the original It’s a Wonderful Life ~ and spending time with friends and familyas well as cooking and eating.

Holiday eating, or as I call it “the brown sugar, butter & cinnamon time of year,” is particularly hard on the waistline and hips!  I have pretty much zero willpower, though if I look at the calories on something and then calculate how much time I will be working out to burn off that goodie, it does dampen my enthusiasm for it a bit!

However, I still indulge more than I *want* to and then I feel guilty for having such low willpower.  But I feel blessed to have more food than I possibly need when I know so many don’t have enough to get by.  My house is cluttered and needs to be dusted and vacuumed – and oh heavens!  The dog fur!  But, I am warm, dry, safe and know where I am sleeping tonight and tomorrow.  Far, far too many don’t.  For now, I and a good number of staff at Newcap are taking time to re-charge, re-new and re-prepare for the work to come.  There is much to do.  Much to accomplish and many battles to fight for those who need us.

As we all prepare to spend time with our loved ones, we have some of our Newcap family members who have recently suffered losses, they are in our prayers at this most difficult time.  We have other staff who have family members dealing with serious health issues.  I am certain that some of you reading this are nodding your head as your heart and mind are currently burdened with pain and loss.

I wish for each of you a joyful and peaceful Christmas, a relaxing New Year and a 2018 filled with goodness and almost more happiness than you can bear.

Merry Christmas and my very highest regards.

Cheryl Detrick, CEO/President at Newcap, Inc.