Telehealth Services Now Available at Newcap

We now have the ability to provide patients with same day provider appointments via Telehealth services! There is no need to wait! You can able  call and schedule to see a provider through our Marinette and Green Bay offices Monday through Friday through the means of our new telecart systems. The telecarts are able to give the provider real time results of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels while seeing the patient and being able to provide care through a virtual waiting room and platform. This will include not only family planning care needs and concerns but primary care as well to include real time processing of concerns and treatment. “Seeing” a provider was limited to only the days they were physically in the offices, now the providers can practice from any physical office or their homes to meet the needs of the patients.

Common Questions: 

Want to be seen via Telehealth? Call us at at 715-732-4171!

What hours is Telehealth available?  Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am-12pm

Wondering about cost? Cost will be determined by insurance status. If you do not have insurance, we utilize our sliding fee scale to keep services at low to no cost. Or if you qualify for family planning services we can continue to sign you up for that as well.