Sexual & Reproductive Health Twitter Live Q&A

Join us on Friday, February 14th at 1:30 p.m. on our Twitter page for a Q&A with our Community Health Services about Sexual and Reproductive Health. Wednesday, February 12th is National Sexual and Reproductive Health Day so in correspondence with that, we will be discussing the importance of staying on top of your sexual and reproductive health and what services we offer to help you with that.
We are looking for any questions you may have prior but will happily take them during the Twitter Q&A live. Use the hashtag #AskNewcap or tweet at us at @Newcapinc so that we are able to see your questions. You can also submit your questions off of this blog post or on the Facebook event page here:!
Following the Q&A, check back here for a full list of questions answered! 
Hope to tweet with you soon!