A Voice For the Poor

Newcap’s mission for over 50 years has been to move people from poverty to opportunities and economic security and improve communities. Everyday we work with people who live in poverty to help them find those opportunities to make their lives more secure and more successful. We pride ourselves on the lives we are able to touch with our programs.

Deb Barlament, Vice President of Operations at Newcap, dives a little bit deeper into what Community Action Agencies do and how Newcap fits into that.


“With the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act in August of 1964, a nationwide Community Action Network was created. This was done in an effort to move people from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Poverty is more prevalent than most people realize. Almost 14% of U.S. citizens live in poverty – that equates to more than 43 million people! However, this number does not include those that are homeless in our country.

Community Action is a voice for the poor. As an organization all Community Action Agencies have a code of ethics we abide by. These ethics are what gives our efforts direction. We work hard to eliminate poverty by providing the opportunity for education, training and employment. We believe all individuals have the right to live in decency and dignity. There are over 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States striving to move people out of poverty.

Newcap provides help with housing, transportation, food and healthcare, along with offering assistance in financial capabilities, education and job creation.

Do you know someone that is interested in starting a business? We might be able to help them. How about someone that is struggling to make ends meet and could benefit from learning how to create a budget and stick to it? Or someone that is homeless, and doesn’t know where to turn for help? These are all situations Newcap may be able to help with.

Newcap: Advocating. Believing. Achieving.”

-Deb Barlament, Vice President of Operations at Newcap, Inc.