Cheryl Detrick, President & Chief Executive Officer

"I have an almost pathological need to make a difference. Once I discovered there was a thing called "community action," I was completely in awe of the accomplishments community action has made over 50 years and wanted to be part of helping people improve their lives."

In January of 2016, I joined 71 staff in 26 programs who share my (almost pathological) need to make a difference.  I am also a passionate (and compassionate) community developer.  One of the National Community Action Network Theory of Change Community Action Goals states we create "communities where people with low incomes live are healthy and offer economic opportunity," - and it fits me to a "T"! I spent the first 15 years of my career in commercial & residential construction (12 of them as the owner of construction company) and the next 15 years in non-profit management and leadership with 13 years in the chamber of commerce world.  During that 15 years, my passions were health and health improvement as well as helping people start businesses, assisting business owners and leaders to grow their business and themselves, and diving deep in community development.  Those 30 years have combined together in this role at NEWCAP.   

In my time off, I enjoy spending time with my two adult children, Alicia and Tim, and the centers of my universe, my granddaughters Scarlett & Tessa and my new "furbaby" Fitz!    I also share life with my German shepherd/Belgian Malnois Penny and grandsnoop German Shepherd Bentley. I love to read, research, rescue dogs and workout and, well... enjoy wine and coffee!  First I have the coffee, then I do the things.

I am also a proud geek ... A political geek (politics was my first love), a tech geek and a Sci Fi geek.  See? Geek! 

Fortunately for this political geek, as CEO at NEWCAP one of my key roles is advocacy. 

Advocacy involves supporting, speaking in favor of, arguing, or defending a cause of an individual or group of individuals. Newcap, as a CAA, is mandated by federal law to have as its primary mission the inclusion of advocacy services for low-income people. These services are essentially provided by all Newcap employees to some degree. Advocacy isn't politics, advocacy is speaking up to make sure those without a voice are heard and represented.

Newcap has a proud 53 year tradition of being in service to residents of Brown, Langlade, Shawano, Vilas, Florence, Forest, Marinette, Menominee, Oneida, and Oconto counties.  I am excited to be working with our amazing board of directors and staff to help move people from poverty to opportunities and economic security and improve communities.  I look forward to working with you!


Deb Barlament, Chief Operating Officer

"I grew up in the kind of environment that many of our clients are experiencing. I remember as a child, not having anything in the house to eat but saltine crackers. There weren’t any food pantries then, and my parents had no idea how to get help. As I got older, I knew in my heart, if the opportunity every presented itself to help others that were experiencing what I did, I would jump in with both feet."

Deb Barlament, Deputy CEO/Executive Vice President of Operations for Newcap has been with the organization since March, 2016.  She is responsible for overall operations of all Newcap locations, monitoring/compliance of CSBG grant, implementing strategic planning, assuring effective and efficient operational compliance with Community Action policies, procedures and practices.

Before coming to Newcap, Deb spent 11 years as Vice President of Operations in the design/build general contracting industry, two years as General Manager of the Green Bay Blizzard, and 16 years with the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce as a Vice President.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to Newcap in the areas of human resources, business & management principles, leadership, and her strong contacts in the business community.

She has a degree in Non-Profit Business Management, and Library Science.  She is also an ordained minister, an EMT, and has attended the Center For Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC and the Center For Creating a High Performance Work Culture in Washington, DC.

Deb was named the Volunteer of The Year for the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of the March of Dimes, and the De Pere Chamber of Commerce.

She currently serves as Chair of the Care Wisconsin Long Term Care Advisory Council, Vice President of Vincent and Hannon Bass Jamboree Association, and is a Co-Chair for Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days.  She was Chair of the Board of Directors for the March of Dimes for 12 years, De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving on the boards for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat For Humanity, Brown County Dairy Promotions and Brown County Breakfast On The Farm.

Deb and her husband reside in the Green Bay area.  They have 3 children, and 13 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time with the grandkids, riding motorcycle with her husband, gardening and cooking.  She also performs respite care for families with children with disabilities.

Cathy Hoeft, Chief Finance Officer/Vice President of Finances

Debbie Bushman, Vice President of Program Development & Compliance

"I do what I do because I believe that everyone, no matter what, deserves a place to live."

Debbie Bushman has been with Newcap for over 25 years now. The Housing Department administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program, HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program, Emergency Solutions Grant (ETH), Wisconsin Balance of State Continuum of Care Permanent Supportive Housing Program, and the SSI/SSDI Outreach and Recovery Program.  These programs are funded through many state and federal government departments all with one focus in mind, “HOUSING”. Debbie says, " I do what I do because I believe that everyone, no matter what, deserves a place to live.  And it is important to me to house any many low-income and/or homeless individuals and families as we can every year and to help give them the tools they need to maintain that housing." 

Outside of Newcap, Debbie owns a bar/restaurant that is continuously raising money for different causes throughout the community, i.e., Christmas Toy Program, School Supplies.  Her husband and herself spend numerous hours assisting other non-profits in Oconto County raise money as well. 

In her personal time, Debbie and her husband own several small businesses, including a bar/restaurant, a hair salon and about 20 affordable housing units. This takes up most of their time but when they can, they like to travel. Debbie was born and raised in Oconto Falls and now resides in Sobieski. 

Sarah Charlebois, Vice President of Community Health Services

"There has always been something deep inside me that gives me an incredible amount of joy for helping and giving to other individuals, especially those who need it most."

Sarah Charlebois is Newcap's Nurse Manager and a Registered Nurse in our Community Health Services. In her role, she makes sure that everyone entering our clinics doors whether it is for reproductive or primary care concerns get the quality, patient-centered, confidential, and open-minded care they deserve. 

"There has always been something deep inside me that gives me an incredible amount of joy for helping and giving to other individuals, especially those who need it most." Sarah knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a nurse. "My great grandmother was a nurse during World War II when women were expected to stay home and raise families. She went against the grain to help our country and service members in their most desperate times of need. This has always resonated with me and empowers me to want to be a good leader and empower other women to do the same. "Going against the grain" is not always a bad thing."

After graduating from Bay College with her Associates Degree in Nursing, Sarah got her start as a nurse working in a group/adult foster home for mentally and physically impaired adults. This opened her eyes and heart to wanting to help the community even more. "These individuals despite severe impairment were some of the happiest people I have know. It was then I realized how far a kind gesture and word can go." She continued her journey in mental health working for Community Mental Health in Escanaba, MI as a Registered Nurse Case Manager.  While working, she obtained a certificate in Integrated Primary Care/Behavioral health because she wanted to be able to better understand caring for an individual as a whole. What affects the mind affects the body. People's ability to be healthy can directly be effected by everyday stressors and major life events. 

"Fast forward to today and I am very proud to be the Nurse Manager for Newcap Community Health Services. I want everyone that walks into Newcap to feel safe and cared for. We will listen and care without judgement and want people to feel comfortable. When I come to work I get to meet people right where they are at in life. I get to listen to them through tears and laughter when others have turned the other cheek. I am excited to keep opening doors and chapters for Community Health being able to provide a wide variety of services. Newcap fulfills my need to give and care for people and help the staff understand how to do the same."

In her free time, she is a mom to a four-year-old little boy along with two teenaged bonus children, a wife to a two-time Iraqi veteran, sister, daughter, and friend, and student obtaining her Masters Degree in Nursing. She is active with a local stock car racing teams as the guys in her house "like to go fast." "There is never a dull moment!" 


Bob Detrick, Vice President of Construction and Safety

"I have always loved helping people, whether in my personal life or at work. I am constantly eager to learn more about how I can better help those in need. I feel part of that, in my line of work, is being sure that where people live is safe and secure."

Bob Detrick has been Vice President of Construction and Safety at Newcap since March 20, 2017. In his position, he plans, manages, and directs the development/redevelopment of construction related projects from the start of the bidding process, all the way to completion. In addition, he works to further the safety and health program at Newcap. Bob believes a vital component to every company is proper planning, establishing cost controls, and working with team members to improve worker safety and health. 

Bob has an Associates Degree, in the Applied Science of Occupational Safety and Health, which he obtained from Columbia Southern University. He is also an OSHA approved 10 and 30 hour instructor for industry. He is proud to be CPR, AED, BBP, and First Aid Certified. He is a former president of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). In that capacity he was a NARI Certified Remodeler. For several years, Bob was a Construction Director for a developer in Sparks/Reno, Nevada. Later, he became a remodeling contractor and worked in that endeavor for 12 years in the Reno area. Most recently, Bob worked for Burger Boat Company, a Yacht and boat builder in Manitowoc, WI. During his time at Burger, he worked as a boat carpenter, in HVAC, was Lead Planner/Scheduler, Production Control Coordinator, Shipyard Competent Person, and Safety Manager, and a member of the Emergency Response Team. His hope going forward is to add his experience to further the amazing work that Newcap does for the community! He is excited for this opportunity, and is very much looking forward to working with the Newcap team!

Outside of Newcap, Bob has done voluntary work at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. He havs also assisted in improving handicap access for various individuals. When he had his own remodeling company, he built a playhouse and auctioned it off for charity.

In his personal time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He claims to be a terrible golfer, but enjoys golfing now and then. He is also a dog lover and a big Packer fan! Bob was born and raised in Quincy, California, a small town in the Sierra Nevada’s, about 90 miles west of Reno. He has a grown son, Tim, daughter, Alicia, son-in- law, Eric and a beautiful granddaughter, Scarlett.



Erin Evosevich, Vice President of Housing Programs

"I love being able to assist households with obtaining housing and being able to work with them to be able to pursue their dreams."

Erin Evosevich has been employed at Newcap since 2009 and is the Vice President of Housing Programs. Erin assists with the overall operation of Newcap's Housing Department including the Emergency Shelter Grant Program, Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program, Permanent Supportive Housing Program, State Shelter Subsidy Grant Program, and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. She is the lead person for the Point in Time Homeless Count for Northeast Local Coalition since 2013. Erin is a member for the Wisconsin HMIS Advisory Board since 2017 and is currently the Co-Chair. 

Erin earned a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Michigan University in Sociology and a minor in Social Welfare. 

Outside of Newcap, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and their daughter. 

Val Filz, Vice President of Energy Services

Val has a keen interest in and passion for the organization and what it does.

Valerie Filz, Energy Services Director for the past 6 years, began her career with Newcap in the Weatherization Program in May, 1986. Early on she developed a keen interest in and passion for the program and was eager to learn all aspects of the program. Previous positions held were Inventory Assistant, Client Services Specialist, Administrative Assistant and Assistant Program Director. As the Energy Services Director duties include administering the Weatherization, Furnace and Forest County WHEAP programs per contract requirements, monitoring budgets and supervising staff. Valerie is a member of Weatherization Operators of Wisconsin and the Low Income Energy Advisory Committee.

The services provided in the Weatherization, Furnace and WHEAP programs are important in assisting households to conserve energy, reduce their energy burden and remain in their homes.

A native of the Oconto area, she enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren along with riding her Harley.

Jaime Johnson, Vice President of Real Estate & Asset Development

Jaime is passionate about helping people find their voice and eventually work their way out of a life of poverty. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on behalf of the person in poverty, but a helping hand along their journey makes it much more achievable.

 Jaime Johnson, Vice President of Real Estate, oversees the management of all Newcap’s residential properties and works with communities to develop Community Revitalization activities and secure Rural Economic and Area Development Initiative (READI) funding and any other funding which may become available. 

Jaime feels a true connection to the job she does as she once was a young mother struggling to make ends meet and did not have any guidance in navigating the resources around her.  Although she had a loving family, they did not have the means to help her.  

Though Jaime’s personal experiences were very difficult and not everyone was caring and understanding, she learned that we all have a duty to help people who need information, guidance, mentoring, or just someone to care. Jaime is passionate about helping people find their voice and eventually work their way out of a life of poverty.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on behalf of the person in poverty, but a helping hand along their journey makes it much more achievable.

Jaime has an Associates Degree in Marketing from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Jaime has been with Newcap since December 2, 1999! Since mid-2016, Jaime has been in her new role as Vice President of Real Estate. 

In her personal life, Jaime loves spending time with her family, cooking and doing outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, swimming, fishing, or just hanging out with friends. She also enjoys traveling and seeing different places and experiences. 

Peggy Zielinski, Transportation Director

Peggy's passion is assisting families to find opportunities and a path our of poverty.

Peggy Zielinski is Transportation Director for Newcap, Inc. She has been employed by Newcap for 10 years. Prior to her current position she managed the food pantry in Marinette and was a Case Manager. She became the Mobility Manager in 2014 and Transportation Department Director for the past 18 months. Peggy works with transportation providers in Marinette and Oconto County to provide transportation services to elderly, disabled and low-income residents. She works to fill gaps of transportation services and makes transportation to residents. She also works to expand funding opportunities for transportation services in Marinette and Oconto County. She does oversite of the Work-N-Wheels Program and works to expand the program as well as writing grants for all the transportation programs. Peggy believes that to those living in a rural area, personal transportation is a necessity. With little to no public transportation available, residents must have access to personal transportation to meet their basic needs. She also believes that traveling long distances to employment and medical services is a way of life and that without transportation, self-sufficiency is almost impossible. By providing transportation options, she hopes to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency to those who need them. 

Outside of Newcap, Peggy is a member of the Crivitz area Woman’s club, a Member of the Community Education Board for the Crivitz School District. She advocates for Special Education Children and their families. She is also a Member of the Executive committee for Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers, Member of NEWRATC (Northeast Wisconsin Regional Transportation Committee), and a Member of NEWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Transportation Committee).

In her personal time, Peggy enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, spending time with my family (4 adult children and 8 grand children) and pets (4 dogs and 3 cats). Her early childhood was spent in a Chicago suburb and she moved with her family to Crivitz when she was in Junior High. She has been married for 33 years. She was a stay-at-home Mom and raised her 4 children. She now has 8 grandchildren. She has a large, close-knit Italian-American family with 4 siblings and 15 nieces and nephews. She was a single teen mother and raised 4 children in poverty. Her passion is assisting families to find opportunities and a path our of poverty. 


Shannon Gowan, Executive Administrative Assistant

Growing up in a small town in the U.P., we didn’t have much but we always had each other. I remember government cheese, milk and free lunches at school. There was 5 kids and my mom stayed home with us.  My dad was a hard worker and taught us the value of saving, how to budget, and the value of education.  My Mom is still the worlds best bargain shopper and I have followed in her tracks.  If it’s not on sale, I don’t buy it!  


I have done a little bit of everything in my career so far, and change and growth is always on my radar.  I worked for the NEW Community Clinic for 8 years before switching back to Health Care at Aurora for 9 years.  I just really missed the small community feel  so I left the big corporate world and came back to Community Action with Newcap.  My #1 strength is Empathy and that shows with how I try to understand and can relate to those in need.  I am excited for what the future holds with Newcap and working directly with Cheryl.  She is an inspiration!

Makenna Kalata, Crisis Navigator/Coordinated Entry Specialist

"I fell in love with the idea of being able to help others get the care that they need, especially those in my community."

Makenna Kalata is a Crisis Navigator/Coordinated Entry Specialist out of of our Crandon office. In her role, Makenna will be assessing what the client's needs are while doing as much as she can to get them the help that they need. 

Makenna is a graduate of Three Lakes High School, Class of 2017. Upon graduating she enrolled in a Gap year program at HoneyRock Outdoor Center for Leadership Development through Wheaton College. "It was there that I discovered my passion for social work and overall love for people in general. I fell in love with the idea of being able to help others get the care that they need, especially those in my community." 

When she is not working, you can find Makenna strengthening her piano, guitar and vocal skills, enjoying nature through hiking and camping, playing board games with my family, volunteering my time as a youth leader at church and spending some much needed time with my two cats watching movies. 

Cynthia Patterson, Real Estate Specialist

Cynthia Patterson is Newcap's Executive Administrative Assistant. Cynthia has been helping Homebuyers throughout the area achieve their dreams of Home Ownership for over 25 years. "Owning a home of your own is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family - both in your own personal well-being through achievement, and also building wealth and saving on taxes for your future." Currently Cynthia is using her background in Real Estate sale and Marketing, and a Banking career, to get people on the path and understand options for purchasing, providing knowledge of potential hazards and repairs, and finalizing transactions. Her patience with clients who are eager to learn how to begin looking for a home encourages their success. 

Cynthia's time away from work is often spent on outdoor yard projects such as recent pond addition. She is a UWEX Gardener Volunteer, with over 600 hours of Community Service to beautify public areas such as the Oconto Roundabout, speak to groups such as the Hospital and Chamber of Commerce about garden topics and work at plant sales. She is an FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator, and loves to travel and entertain at home.