Working Together

For this year’s Giving Tuesday we are raising money for our newest program, My Garage: A Community Project. All money raised will go to the program and to help those in Marinette and Oconto counties that are helped by the program.

With Giving Tuesday being next Tuesday, November 28, I’d like to share with you a blog post written by the wonderful Peggy Zielinski, Transportation Director at Newcap, Inc., who came up with the idea and takes care of the My Garage Program. To learn more about how to apply for this program or if you qualify, go to the stability programs to find this program or our eligibility calculator to find out if you qualify.

“When I ask myself why I live where it gets so cold outside that it hurts my face, now I honestly say I know why! It’s easy to see why I love living “Up North” three seasons out of the year, but oh these winters really get long! I am reminded each year why I put up with winter when it is fundraising time!

As the Transportation Director at Newcap, I raise funds to run our transportation programs. I am amazed how communities come together to support each other and the programs that assist them (and their neighbors).

The My Garage: A Community Project has been a dream of mine for last four years! I have worked with elected officials, government agencies and several other groups to develop this program. The project has evolved over the years, but has always kept one goal in site; making transportation available to our residents. In Northern Wisconsin this looks very different than it does in Southern Wisconsin. I have taken calls for four years from residents who need repairs done on their vehicle but just can’t afford them. Without a working vehicle they ask how can I get to work each day? How can I get my loved one to the doctor?

This is where My Garage comes in. The My Garage program is a collaboration between Newcap and The Northwords Regional Technical Academy (made up of NWTC, Crivitz, Wausaukee and Pembine schools). Students who are participants in NWTC’s Auto Mechanics class, under the supervision of their teacher, will repair vehicles of elderly, disabled or low income (working) residents.

We want to assist residents to get to work, get to the doctor and be able to live in their homes for as long as possible.

Only by working together is this program possible.”

– Peggy Zielinski, Transportation Director