The Faces of Newcap’s Weatherization Assistance Program . . . Part 1

Most of our Weatherization Department Team has been not only working in the field, but working for Newcap for years! They are dedicated, hard-working, and passionate about what they do. Each day they are fulfilled by changing the lives of people who need their help to help lower their energy bills and make their homes warmer and safer. But don’t take my word for it; meet Sean Monahan, Lead Energy Auditor at Newcap, Inc. as he expresses in his own words what the Weatherization Assistance Program means to him: 
“I have been working with Newcap for 14 years and have held a number of different positions in the Weatherization Assistance Program; starting as a crew worker, later moving to crew leader, and then energy auditor. I am currently working as the Lead Energy Auditor as well as performing some of the job site final inspections. 
The Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program requires Energy Auditors and Quality Control Inspectors to maintain a number of certifications which include:
  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Asbestos Supervisor
  • BPI Quality Control Inspector
  • Energy Auditor Certification
  • Lead Safe Renovator
 As an energy auditor my job is to inspect homes, assess its current level of efficiency and identify areas of improvement. Every building is inspected from the attic to the basement and a variety of tests are performed to better understand the needs of each home. 
Diagnostic tests are done on every heating system and water heater to determine it’s condition, efficiency, and potential for carbon monoxide or other health hazards. Gas lines are tested for leaks (which are far more common than you might expect) and flagged for repair when found. We use infrared cameras to assess the amount and condition of insulation inside walls and ceilings. Testing is done to measure the air leakage of the home and to zero in on problem areas that can be sealed up. 
After the inspection and testing is completed, I create a list of improvements that can be made to the home. To ensure that these improvements are carefully selected, a computer model of each building is created to calculate potential savings. This will help me identify the most effective way to save our clients money on their gas and electricity bills.
Although reducing energy consumption and saving people money is one of our primary goals, identifying health and safety concerns is an often overlooked but equally important part of our program. Many times people don’t understand or even realize they have problems ranging from mold growth, asbestos, gas leaks, or even carbon monoxide. The Weatherization Program offers people a chance to have a professional, who has been trained to look for these issues, inspect their home and provide solutions they may not otherwise be able to afford.
I enjoy working with people to identify the needs of their specific house as well as to help educate them on good energy savings habits. I look forward to continue serving our local community to ensure that homes are safe and efficient for years to come. “
— Sean Monahan