Leanne’s Weatherization Story

Leanne is a homeowner who retired 10 years ago. Since then, she has been living on a fixed-income and home upgrades have been difficult to afford. She wished she had heard about the Weatherization Assistance Program before she retired. 

Newcap crews installed 10 inches of attic insulation and extended the exhaust fan vent to the exterior to prevent mold damage in the attic. The house had no insulation in the exterior walls so the crew was able to lift the vinyl siding to drill into the walls and insulate them with blow in cellulose. Our HVAC team also stepped in to repair two small natural gas leaks in the basement. 

Leanne says that she can already feel a difference in how comfortable the house feels and noticed that her furnace was running less often. She is excited to see how much her fuel bill will drop this winter with an estimated annual energy savings of $228.00. 

She was very pleased with the quality of work that was performed and said that Newcap has been the best contractor she has ever worked with. She added that Newcap team members were professional and treated her with courtesy and respect.