Kathleen’s Weatherization Client Success Story

Kathleen and her husband heard about the Weatherization Assistance Program from a relative ho had their own house weatherized by Newcap. They are living on a fixed income now and are very thankful for the program. They have been trying to reduce their cost of living and the work that Newcap performed would have been too expensive for them to afford on their own. She is excited to have the additional insulation in the attic and the extra comfort that will provide this winter. They would like to express thanks to the Newcap Weatherizatoin Crews who were polite, respectful and were very hard working. 

Newcap crews performed various measures including air sealing in the basement using two-part foam. The attic was insulated with 10 inches of blown fiberglass and the attic door was sealed to prevent heat and moisture from leaking into the attic. Our Master Plumber replaced the old electric water heater with a much more efficient propane unit. An exhaust fan with a programmable switch was installed in the bathroom to prevent any moisture or mold programs from developing. The total estimated savings fo the project is $357 per year. 

Another wonderful job to our team for making another home more energy efficient and cost effective for our clients to manage.