Introducing Shannon Martinson, Crisis Navigator!

Shannon Martinson is a Crisis Navigator in Oconto out of our Headquarters. As a Crisis Navigator, Shannon is able to support our clients and help to guide them through difficult times. “My goal is to navigate them not only through the programs that Newcap offers, but also locate any other programs that can benefit them. I look for programs that will help them not only in that moment, but ultimately help them to transition to stability.”

Prior to joining the Newcap team, Shannon worked for Blackwell Job Corps. “Here I met the most incredible young people from all different backgrounds, who all shared one thing, they wanted a better way of life. It was an incredible experience to be a small stepping stone in their journey. Since starting my employment at Newcap, I have found that same quality in our clients and I am truly honored to be able to assist them in the same way. I have met some truly inspiring individuals and with grit, determination, and a new knowledge of resources available have been able to get to where they want to be in life. While I only play a very small part in their journey, it is an incredible honor to be able to assist them in this role.”