Flood Damaged Homes – Weatherization Assistance Program and Furnace Program Guidance

On August 29, 2018 Governor Walker issued Executive Order #306, which expands the previously declared State of Emergency. The amended Executive Order now includes the entire State of Wisconsin.

Households residing in the state that have experienced flood-damage may be eligible for WAP and Emergency Furnace assistance to repair or restore previously-installed Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) that may have been damaged due to flooding.

The purpose of this Informational Transmittal is to provide guidance on this process.

To begin, a full assessment of the flood damage must be conducted for each unit.

  • The home must not have been certified as uninhabitable by local authorities.
  • Before any work is started, the owner must provide documentation showing that neither the homeowner’s insurance nor Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) aid will cover the expense.
  • Before any work is started, customers should be advised that the basement or other area containing the furnace should be free of standing water and debris.
  • If the customer was previously weatherized and is currently program eligible, a rework using Public Benefit (PB) Funds for previously installed measures is allowed.
    • If the client lives in an area that is not PB eligible then Energy Assistance Program (EAP) funds shall be used.
    • No use of Department of Energy (DOE) funding is allowed.
  • If a home was previously weatherized, policy allows Weatherization funds to be used to rework damaged weatherization measures, with the minimal amount of work necessary to repair or restore the ECM’s.
    • Policy only allows us to address previously installed ECM’s. No new measures are to be installed.
  • A request for a rework must be made to the Help Desk in order to enter and invoice the measure(s) in WisWap.
  • If an entire mobile home park has been affected, please contact the Home Energy Plus Help Desk at (608) 267-3680 or [email protected] to discuss how many units/mobile homes have been affected and how extensive the damage is. Be prepared to provide pictures of the park and units and to discuss habitability of the units/mobile homes.

Please contact the Home Energy Plus Help Desk at (608) 267-3680 or [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

Think you may be eligible? Contact us at (800) 242-7334 and ask for our Weatherization Department.