Faces of Newcap’s Weatherization Assistance Program . . . Part 2

Now that you have met one of our outstanding Weatherization team members. I’d like to introduce to you another! Paul is our Plumbing/HVAC Superintendent at Newcap, Inc.. Our HVAC team does great work to make sure that our client’s homes are warmer, safer, and more energy efficient. However, no one can tell you what they do better than Paul so I will leave you to him: 

“I have been in the Plumbing/HVAC industry since 1998 and have an associates degree from NWTC in HVAC/R.

I started working at Newcap in May of 2009 when I was hired as an Energy Auditor. As an Energy Auditor I was able to be the first one to talk with the clients and discuss what kind of energy savings we would be able to perform on their home to make it more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient and help them save money on their utility bills so that money could be used on other things. In 2011 we decided to expand our services and do all of the plumbing/heating part of the weatherization ourselves instead of subcontracting that part out to others. When we decided to do that I was promoted to HVAC/Plumbing Superintendent and was in charge of getting the new plumbers/HVAC technicians all set up and trained on how we do things here at Newcap.

Every day is a new adventure for me here at Newcap. Some days I am out working by myself or with the other guys installing furnaces/boilers or doing service work, other days I am out looking at the upcoming jobs and ordering the materials for those jobs. If any of the guys have questions/issues on a job they call me and I either solve it over the phone or run to the job with them and come up with a solution.

Since I have been working at Newcap I have completed many trainings and received various certifications such as: Energy Auditor, WI Lead Safe Renovator, WI Asbestos Supervisor, WI HVAC Qualifier Credential. I also have taught a couple classes on High Efficiency Boilers for the State of Wisconsin at the Technical exchange fair and will be doing another presentation at the Better Buildings: Better Business Conference in February.

I enjoy working at Newcap because I enjoy doing heating and cooling and you get to help people save a lot of money on their utility bills. It’s very rewarding when you make someone’s day by installing a new heating system or water heater for them. It’s nice to be able to help the people who need it the most!

My favorite memory so far working at Newcap was when we installed a new water heater, furnace and ductwork for a very nice elderly woman who was so appreciative she was crying and made us all give her a hug when we were done with the installation. She just couldn’t believe all that we had done for her!”

-Paul James LeBreck III, Plumbing/HVAC Superintendent