Efficient Home – Note of Appreciation

Our Weatherization Department does great work!

For this job, they performed air sealing, attic insulation and ventilation, floor insulation, setback thermostat, and installed LED light bulbs, smoke alarms and CO detectors.

We received a very sweet thank you letter from the owner of the home saying:

“Thank everyone that helped update my home!

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Faces of Newcap’s Weatherization Assistance Program . . . Part 2

Now that you have met one of our outstanding Weatherization team members. I’d like to introduce to you another! Paul is our Plumbing/HVAC Superintendent at Newcap, Inc.. Our HVAC team does great work to make sure that our client’s homes are warmer, safer, and more energy efficient. However, no one can tell you what they do better than Paul so I will leave you to him: 

“I have been in the Plumbing/HVAC industry since 1998 and have an associates degree from NWTC in HVAC/R.

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